Conform celor de la AppleDigger in viitorul apropiat vom putea avea televizorul iTV pe care cei de la Apple ar urma sa il produca. Acesta momentan este doar un concept, dar nu se stie niciodata, iar de aici cei de la Apple probabil se vor putea inspira.

The basis of the case, as in the iPhone 5, is an anodized aluminum 6000 series. TV painted black and is only available in this color scheme. Is likely to be released iTV 3 variants with different displays – 30″, 41″ and 50″. It has a FaceTime HD camera for video calls, and the top, at the end, dual stereo microphone. On the back side there is jack cable, Ethernet, Thunderbolt to connect to my MacBook, four USB 3.0 and audio jack. Under the glass logo hidden Wi-Fi antenna


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