Ai nevoie de un Video Recorde? cu diverse funcții prin care să poți edita clipul pe care tocmai l-ai filmat? Atunci MoviePro este soluția de care ei nevoie, o aplicație simplă dar cu multe opțiuni pentru iPhone sau iPad.

* Free for limited time, innumerable recording options including configurable presets for resolution, fps, bit rate, Bluetooth microphone support, unique features3K recording@ 120 Mbps on iPhone 5s, Full 8MP stills on iPhone 5s while recording, etc. *

MoviePro – the most powerful video recording & film making app with innumerable options featured by AppAdvice, TUAW, 148apps, iClarified, and now coupled with inbuilt video editing capabilities.

„To say the app is feature rich would be an understatement…In just a few minutes of using MoviePro, I am definitely impressed” – AppAdvice

„And now, it has just become even more feature-rich (feature-richer?) with its 2.0 update.” – AppAdvice

„If you do a lot of moviemaking on your iPhone, you’ll probably want something with extended capabilities” – TUAW

„This is a video recording app that is filled to the brim with amazing features.” – AppAdvice

„MoviePro adds several useful features to enhance and improve the video recording experience on the iPhone” – 148Apps

„MoviePro is a new video recording app for the iPhone that offers a plethora of configuration options.” – iClarified

„Hollywood for the Masses – a must have for all budding Steven Spielberg or Joe Public alike” – Lionel Bloomfield, Secretary of Colchester Film Makers, United Kingdom

‌ • Recording Features‌ •

▶ Pause/Resume,
▶ Real Time Zoom(high quality zoom as compared to native recorder),
▶ Capture Stills while recording,
▶ Full 8 MP resolution Stills while recording on iPhone 5s,
▶ Select resolution (1920×1080 to as low as 320×240),& aspect Ratio(including square 1:1 for Instagram & anamorphic widescreen aspect ratios like 2.75:1, 2.55:1, 2.40:1),
▶ Record in 3072×1728 @30fps resolution on iPhone 5s at 120 Mbps bit rate,
▶ Select 2592×1458 (16:9), 2560×1440 (16:9), 2560×1920 (4:3) in settings on iPhone 5s, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air
▶ Frame Rate – 30p, 25p, 24p, and down to 1 Fps.
▶ 720p 120 fps for iPhone 5S,
▶ 720p 60 fps mode for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and later.
▶ Adjustable Video Quality (Bit rate) including high 50 Mbps and lower ones to save disk space,
▶ Both Portrait & Landscape mode recording,
▶ Uncompressed Audio Option, real time Audio Monitoring through headphones with adjustable input volume (mic gain) along with Audio Meters,
▶ Record Silent Movies (choose „Silent” in Audio Settings),
▶ External Microphone Input and set volume,
▶ Spy Mode: Choose image from Photo Library or simply show black screen to record secretly,
▶ Choose record duration, such as 6 sec for Vine and 15 sec for Instagram
▶ Timer to trigger Recording,
▶ Share to Camera Roll Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook,
▶ Single & Separate focus/exposure mode,
▶ AE, AF, Auto White Balance Lock,
▶ Location tag, Copyright info in Video Metadata. Automatically inserts creation date in metadata,
▶ Video Stabilisation (iPhone 4S or later)
▶ Volume Shutter option in settings,
▶ Switch Cameras while recording with ZERO loss of Audio and perfect lip sync,
▶ Very high reliability

• Editing Features‌ •

Includes two video editors. Mini Editor is an individual clip editor while the full Editor can operate on multiple clips & manage projects,

▶ Copy clips from Camera Roll in the library,
▶ Trim, Rotate, Compress, Slow/Fast motion adjust resolution & aspect ratio is Mini Editor,

▶ Full Editor : Merge, Split, Trim, Reorder clips, insert transitions, titles, select title color & font, title position, insert logo from Photo Library, scale & position logo,
▶ Save compositions as Projects in Editor 2 and export them to Photo Library
▶ In Full Editor, Videos added from Photo Library or recorded with app are only linked and not duplicated. Please do not delete the original clips therefore.

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