After updating to the latest macOS Sierra, launched by Apple last week, we could see, which is normal, to have problems on different configurations with third party softwares.

My problem is solved now and I will show you how to turn off ionodecache from hogging your CPU, memory and FAN speed. Your Mac is now happier 🙂

ionodecache macos sierra fix

Many users are saying that this process is normal, because Spotlight is indexing again all files, looking for location, face recognition and so on. False, maybe is true but after 24 hours of >70˚ and 5000rpm on fan, indexing is complete, but in this case, was not 🙂

So, let’s fix it.

  1. If you have tried before an Eltima sotfware you should search for „eltima”. First you need to „ShowAllFiles” before you search.
  2. The problems is USB Network Gate, just for now! Why? Because is not yet compatible with macOS Sierra and this process și struggling to get out of a loop.
  3. Open terminal and type this command sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.eltima.eveusb.daemon.plist
  4. Delete all the components installed. How to find them? Open finder and press ⇧⌘G and paste:
    • /Library/Frameworks/ and delete this EveUSB.framework
    • /Library/Preferences/ and delete this com.eltima.eveusb.daemon.plist
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons/ and delete this com.eltima.eveusb.daemon.plist
    • /private/var/log/ and delete this com.eltima.eveusb.daemon.log
  5. Open Terminal and execute this sudo pkgutil --forget com.eltima.pkg.eveusb.oem

If you don’t have this files installed, you should try a SMC reset, it may solve your problem.

That’s it. Now your heating problem, fan, memory and CPU hogging down your Mac is gone.

Restart and your done. Share to your friends!

My battery is now happy 🙂


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