Today I will present you a new way to get a free device, like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation 4. I will show you how to sign-up and use FreebieJeebies. What you have to do? 1. Sign-up to FreebieJeebies, it’s free! Sign-up - 2. Complete an offer. There are 17th offers, so you can pick one that fit’s you. The low one is Wink Bingo and costs 5£ Crystone and offers you for 12$ a 1 year subscription. The offer confirmation can take up to 1 week. Don’t worry, it’s a normal process, for bank transfer and money received confirmation to FreebieJeebies.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 23.08.14

3. Share this Referral code to everyone in your list, maybe a forum signature, or just to all your friends. Every referrals that sign-up using your code and complete an offer gets you an Referral. 4. Every product has his on target referrals, so to get it for FREE you have to get that many people, joined by you. Here is the full list of products that you will get them for free! Join NOW !* *if you click on a product from the full list of products you will see how many referrals you must reach, to get your FreebieJeebies product. I wish an Apple TV and a Magic Mouse and for this I have to get 8th Referrals.

Help me! Sign-up here! After registration share your code to all you friends!

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