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Te-ai saturat de filtre? De poze urate? De instagram sau alte tampenii? Incearca Mattebox. Stiu exista zeci, sute care fac acelasi lucru, dar Mattebox e ceva diferit. Nu stiu ce, poate imi spui tu.

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Discover, create and share beautiful filters. Shoot using real exposure compensation. Edit your photos in seconds… Mattebox is anything but standard.

The days of paying for filters are over! Find a great filter and send it to your friends using Twitter, text or email. They can use it right on the web, no app required. Or create your own—it’s easy!

The Mattebox camera interface features an exposure compensation dial, dual stage shutter and one-touch white balance. Just three simple yet powerful controls, arranged so they can be quickly adjusted with just your thumb. Because your camera shouldn’t look like the console of a 747.

With the lightning-fast nondestructive editor in Mattebox, you can make adjustments to your photos in seconds. Intelligent features like highlight protection and adaptive black & white conversion mean you never have to sacrifice quality for speed. Use RGB Curves for incredible control, or add film-like grain, vignette and more.

When you save a photo from Mattebox, it remembers which photo is the original, and what filter was applied. So when you re-open a saved photo, you can keep editing right where you left off, even if it’s in the Camera Roll or Photo Stream.

Mattebox features groundbreaking integration with Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom® software. Save any filter as a Lightroom Develop Preset, so you can use it on the desktop. Or export a Master photo as a Photoshop document—with each filter reproduced as a group of Adjustment Layers.

• An endless supply of beautiful FREE filters created by the community
• No in-app purchases! Nothing else to buy!
• Universal—use Mattebox on your iPad or iPhone.
• Live filter view in the viewfinder
• First true exposure compensation dial on the App Store
• Unique dual-stage shutter release
• One-touch white balance
• Shoot to JPEG or uncompressed TIFF
• Beautiful, high-speed photo editor
• Non-destructive; you never lose your original
• Full RGB Curves
• Film grain emulation
• Save your adjustments as a preset filter
• Share a link to your filter, or publish it to the Mattebox community
• Follow other Mattebox users to get filters as soon as they’re published
• Export filters as Adobe Lightroom presets or Adobe Photoshop documents
• A minimal interface that showcases your photos
• In-app documentation

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