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by on Jan 8, 2014, 22:31
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Faci o poza, se conecteaza cu iPhone-ul la iPhone-ul tau, modifica sau sterge poza si gata. Atat? Dap, iSelfie camera remote control. Tu ai nevoie de ea?

iSelfie is a free app to wireless connect between two iOS devices. One act as camera host, another one act as remote controller. User can choose bluetooth or nearby WiFi to connect. Once connected, remote controller can preview and take picture using the high resolution of back camera of the host. Adjustable timer is also provided for user convenience.

– wireless connect two iOS devices, one act as camera host, another one act as remote controller.
– support iOS 7 Nearby WiFi. Nearby WiFi is not home WiFi. It is device to device direct connection method. It is better than using bluetooth.
– both devices show the camera preview of the host.
– use high resolution back camera to take picture. Better quality and wider background. No more stretching arm!
– controller able to take multiple pictures when connected.
– adjustable timer on controller, for group of people to get ready.
– remote control the torch mode of the back-LED of the host, if available.
– optional date time and watermark on photo.
– share photo within iSelfie, or share using the default camera roll feature.
– photo save to camera roll, which user can edit before share.

How to use:
This app is universal to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Install iSelfie to 2 iOS devices. Choose one of them as Camera Host, the other one as Remote Controller. Then choose either bluetooth or nearby wifi connection (recommended). Wait for the popup dialog box, choose the device to connect and click “Accept” on the other device. Done. User should be able to see camera preview on both devices.

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