Află cum va fi vremea pe ore, Partly Cloudy

by on May 4, 2014, 10:09
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Încă de pe vremea iOS 5 și apoi 6 am folosit această aplicație pe care o am tot timpul pe iPhone. Atunci când vreau să știu temperatura, sau cum va fi vremea peste câteva ore mă pot baza pe ea de fiecare dată. Cred că este singura aplicație de vreme pe care am achiziționat-o, după ce am încercat multe.

Odată cu iOS 7, aplicația Weather din iOS își face și ea treaba destul de bine, dar când am nevoie tot pe Partly Cloudy arunc un ochi să văd cum este vremea. Ți-o recomand.

Current, hourly, and 7-day forecast (numeric and pictorial) for:

– temperature (in Celsius & Fahrenheit)
– high/low temperatures
– wind force (Beaufort)
– amount of precipitation (rain, snow, …)
– weather situation (sunny, rainy, partly cloudy, …)

Add multiple locations to keep track of the weather in of all of your favorite places.


Partly Cloudy is gorgeous—it was custom designed by the same successful and award-winning infographics team that brought you the marvellous Virtual Water and EcoChallenge apps.

Stunning simplicity, paired with meaningful and rich data, gives you all the weather info you need at a glance.

So the beauty is not only on the surface, but gets better the deeper you dive into the data.


You don’t want to waste your time “navigating” a thermometer. That’s why Partly Cloudy is as easy as its analog counterpart: one look and you know what’s going on.

Turn the clock hand to jump into the future. Want to know how warm it will be tonight? Check. Tomorrow? Check. Even a 7-day forecast is provided for most locations.


Apart from all the beauty, our forecast data is pretty good, too. You have the choice between the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Open Weather Map—both providers have weather data for a huge number of locations on all continents. You can switch the weather source at any time and find out which one’s more accurate for your location.

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